Oklahoma Miniature Horse Club, Inc.

AMHA Approved Club


The Oklahoma Miniature Horse Club, Inc. has a Youth Division which encourages youth involvement in club activities. Youth members meet and interact with young people across the state and nation. Membership is open to anyone age 18 or under who is interested in participating in specific youth classes at club shows. The title of High Point Youth is awarded to the youth with the highest point total in youth showmanship (split by ages), youth mare and youth gelding. These awards are presented each year at the club's annual Christmas Party. We also have high point youth awards at each show.

The membership of the Oklahoma Miniature Horse Club has voted to pay all entry fees in 2011 for youth classes for OMHCI youth members at the Stillwater Stampede in Stillwater and the Cowboy Classic in Chickasha. The only requirement is that the youth must be an OMHCI youth member at the time of the show. Youth will still have to pay for stalls, bedding, office fees, and any AMHA charges, but the entry fees will be paid by OMHCI. This applies to youth classes only (not open classes).


OMHCI is proud to now offer two scholarships to our active youth members. Click here for more details and the application.

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